Q: "Stana, the facial expressions you do on "Castle" - are those your own or written in the script?
A: The producers have electric shock nodes attached to my face to make it do what they want.” (x)


kate beckett | the way of the ninja

Beckett: Marriage isn’t gonna change us, right? We’re not gonna become one of those couples that go to the same two restaurants and only have sex on national holidays? Because that place you were at tonight, it was filled with married men that are bored with their wives.

I think everyone faced with their own mortality speaks their final truth, and her final truth is that she’s completely committed and absolutely in love with him," Katic says. "We said it a long time ago that Beckett [is] a one-and-done type. So, I think her committing to marrying him already speaks volumes to some deep rivers that are in that character. … But this is when it’s really important because if it’s all over, he has to know that he was the love of her life.
Stana Katic (x)

"I can handle this."