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It’s so pretty!

I don’t even know why I bought this stupid movie. Let me go ruin my make-up with my tears now. 

How the rest of my night will go.

Where all of my time and money goes…

A while ago I got a message asking if I could post some pictures of my tv collection. Anon, if you’re still hanging around, here you go :)

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Amazon, you’re so good to me.

I’ve been wanting this Elizabeth Taylor box set for a long time, but it never dipped below $40. The other day I was going through my wish list, checking for price drops and saw it was on sale for $17! I needed these five movies to help finish my Elizabeth Taylor filmography, but I couldn’t even find them individually for less than $20. Super happy!

And, of course, had to get season two of Lost Girl. I’m really enjoying the show and was glad to see that the second season had twice as many episodes as the first. The slipcovers for both seasons are absolutely gorgeous!

Only intended on going to the movies this morning, but the mall is right next door to the theater which caused this to happen. 

My WH13 season 1 finally arrived! Can’t wait to re-watch Spartacus, especially the commentaries. Picked up New Girl and HIMYM yesterday. They were only $20 a piece, which is a really good release day price. Plus, if you bought them together you got a $10 gift card. I’m going to put that towards the Cinderella blu ray this afternoon. 

Picked up all the Elizabeth Taylor books I’ve been wanting and/or didn’t have. The one in the middle is absolutely gorgeous. If you’re an Elizabeth Taylor fan, I can’t recommend it enough. 

Pick ups over the past month or so. I picked up everything in the bottom photo this afternoon. Took a trip to Moviestop to trade in some stuff and found some great deals. I got more trade in credit than I thought I was going to get, so I splurged. I took advantage of a buy 1 get 1 free deal for the Warehouse 13 sets. Only $25 total for both of them was awesome! I have season 1 on order and I’m also still waiting on the Walking Dead season 2.

I think I’ll be spending the night reorganizing my shelves.

Commentaries here I come!

Newest additions to the collection.