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Regina Mills in Every Episode


I can’t

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Xena Meme:
↳Nine Episodes [5/9]

Old Ares Had a Farm

Xena Meme:
↳Nine Episodes [4/9]

The Bitter Suite

"…everything about this world is a torment. We’ve been guided through it for a reason. Whatever happens, we have to go through it together."


So this happened

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Xena Meme:
↳Nine Episodes [3/9]

When Fates Collide

"When I’m with you, this emptiness that I have felt my entire life is gone."

Xena Meme:
↳Nine Episodes [2/9]

One Against an Army

Xena Meme:
↳Nine Episodes [1/9]

Sacrifice pt. 2

What makes a man a good lover? Being gentle and kind?

Get to Know Me Meme: Ten actresses/actors [3/10]
     ↳ Lucy Lawless

"Come here and give me a cuddle."